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Seismic Tomography Software

     Trident Research, LLC offers tomography software developed by GeoTom, LLC for examining and processing data from the Scorpion™ Borehole Sparker. Tomographic data consists of first-break arrival times (traveltimes) for many combinations of source and receiver depths in two or more boreholes, with the Scorpion™ Sparker in one borehole and a receiver, typically a multichannel hydrophone string, in another. Tomographic inversion calculates what pattern of velocity between the source and receiver boreholes best fits the measured traveltimes. Lower seismic velocity can indicate weaker rock or voids. Crosshole surveys with source and receiver at equal depths provide only a 1D velocity pattern, showing velocity as a function of depth. Tomography provides a 2D or 3D velocity pattern, and so indicates the horizontal and vertical position of a zone of low velocity.

     The GeoTom tomography software consists of TomTime for measuring traveltimes and GeoTomCG for tomographic inversions.  Both programs are the result of many years of program development, guided by the developer processing data for clients and by users’ suggestions.  The instruction manuals provide a Quick Start section in English and Spanish covering the most commonly needed procedures.  More experienced users can apply other options for special situations.   Example files allow the user to practice traveltime and amplitude data processing.  

>>TomTime Fact Sheet

>>GeoTomCG Fact Sheet

GeoTom, LLC can be contacted at sales@geotom.net or geotom@frontiernet.net to provide additional support.


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  • GeoTomCG Software
    GeoTomCG reads data files containing source and receiver coordinates and traveltimes from TomTime or other time-picking software.  It then calculates the velocity pattern between the source and receiver boreholes...
  • TomTime Software
    TomTime reads seismograph files, displays traces, and provides automatic picking of first-break arrival times with manual editing if needed.  It saves text files with source and receiver coordinates, traveltimes,...