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Seismic Survey Instrumentation


From explosive charges to large machine driven hammers weighing hundreds of pounds, seismologists have struggled to achieve their ideal sound source.

Sparker technology has been able to provide significant amplitude pressure waves (P-waves) seismologists have been looking for, but traditional sparkers are not very portable due to their weight and size, they pose hazards to the operator, and they are limited to relatively shallow depths.

Trident scientists and engineers have invested their entire careers in modernizing and miniaturizing sparker technology resulting in the Scorpion® Borehole Sparker, the most portable and simple to use sparker on the market.

What was once the size of a refrigerator is now the size of a poster tube and weighs less than 15 pounds (7kg). With all high energy components located in the sparker head, there are no high voltage power cables or external capacitor banks, vastly decreasing the operator’s exposure to a high voltage power. Every pulse output has a consistent energy level and can be employed at depths of several hundred feet without a decrease in performance, producing full power in any deployment scenario. 





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