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FAQ - Scorpion™

FAQ - Scorpion™


1. At what voltage does the downhole part of the sparker operate? 

  • The downhole unit operates around 4kv.

2. Does the Scorpion™ require the addition of a conductive fluid to operate? 

  • The unit does not require the addition of conductive fluid or salt to operate.  The borehole that the unit is operated in does need to be water filled.  The water in the borehole can be saltwater or freshwater and will not affect the performance of the unit.

3. What is the frequency spectrum of the output?

  • The Scorpion produces a broadband signal.  The PSD below shows the frequency spectrum of the signal in a free-water environment.  Note that the free-water spectrum will vary somewhat from the spectrum in a confined space, because of additional reflections, refractions, etc., and this will be true of ANY borehole source.



  • The acoustic pressure profile is shown below.  The first peak is the initial impulse of the sparker and the second peak is the bubble collapse.